Top 5 Football or Soccer slots that you can Play Online

Football/Soccer is one of the most watched and played sports in the world. Having already proven its prowess as the most liked outdoor sport, football has also created quite a sensation in slot lovers through its various versions.

The slots cater to a variety of people. From those looking for an exciting time kicking the ball with their favourite football stars, to those just hoping to have a good animated experience, the online slots tend to create the perfect mix of perfection with user friendly content.

While there are many new football themed slots being launched, there are a few slots which stand out as the best. We have compiled a list of the 5 most liked and played football slots online which have created a ripple amongst fans, if you want to try you can find and play online here, and for only Canadian players they can play online here:

1.    Gooal Slot

Gooal is a very likeable football themed slot created by Arnaya Gaming. The slot covers all aspects and features 5 reels and 3 paylines. The slot is action packed and gives the users the leverage to select their favourite team according to their will.

You get the option to choose between the red and the blue teams to extract the most from the game. The slot can be played on all desktops and MAC computers. Gooal features all the ingredients of a perfect slot in the form of wilds, bonus, and free spins. To add to the excitement, players have the liberty to change the players in their team as much as they can before the third goal has been scored. After the third goal is scored, the option to change the team is no longer available, and you have to persist with the same team.

The basic theme of the Gooal slot is the World Cup. The slot shows top notch graphics by not choosing to go for simple everyday graphics, but getting snapshots of some of the most aesthetical football kicks.

2.    Global Cup

Global Cup, which is a creation of Grizzly gambling, is a 3 reels slot game, which is simple and fun. The slot has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%. The slot was basically a rendition of the 2010 world cup, but it has now garnered a lot of attention for its own self.

The world cup theme adds to the flavours within the game and makes the football slot even more exciting. There are plenty of symbols available, which are related to football. The gold, silver, and bronze medals add to the excitement of the user within the game.

All the fun takes place in a lush green grass field which is illuminated by the presence of the flags of all nations by its sides. The slot is a 3 reel game with just 1 single payline. The highest return to be had is of 11,000 pounds, using the multiplier feature.

3.    Shoot

Shoot is one of the online football based slots which offers the users a lot of options to try out. The 5 reels slot is host to a mammoth 50 paylines. Legendary players have been used as symbols in the game along with the classic balls.

The most fascinating feature of the slot is that there is a very exciting free spin feature that guarantees a lot of wins. The maximum winnings from the free spins vary from 10-35. The presence of another magazine bonus which gets triggered randomly is also interesting.

The presence of many bonus games means that there are lots of winnings to be had. The trade em’ bonus game takes into account the cards symbol. The bonus is triggered as soon as you play the cards symbol. All the bonus games lead to further winnings through free spins or multipliers.

4.    Soccer Slots Online

The game consists of a massive 5 reels and 30 paylines. The slot brilliantly replicates the scenic beauty of an African jungle. Furthermore, the slot is extremely rich in the features that it offers. The features offered are of various types which cover all the aspects.

Some of the features offered in the slot are scatters, wilds, expanded wilds, free spins, bonus games and a gamble feature. Being within the African jungle, the game focuses on all the animals present there. The game play and the graphics are both top notch and invite the player to score a goal in this picturesque jungle setting.

5.    Soccer Safari

Soccer Safari is a game by the slot giants Microgaming. The popular slot consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines. The theme is not only unique but also simple. The game brings forth the perfect amalgamation of both football and the animal kingdom.

The catchy graphics make the game even more interesting, with the cheering hyenas that have Goal written on their stomachs, being the biggest attraction. The scatter bonus within the game can be activated whenever the referee, who is a zebra, comes on the first and fifth reels.

More than 60,000 credits are up for grabs, with the addition of having the excitement of scoring a penalty with a leopard between the bars. Soccer Safari clicks all the right notes by providing the perfect mix of football with the safari through its brilliant graphics for the users to enjoy.